Monday, March 4, 2013

A teaser .

A full days drive backwards and forwards across France. The kennels down a dirt track road. No missing it. There amid combine harvesters and tractors three dog runs. The breeder a forty something lady in a track suit. She's hanging out her husbands boxer shorts on the clothes line when we arrive.

One of the two four week old brothers has already been bought. That puts paid to our idea of bringing home two nine week olds on our return from Califonia. 

The eight week old brother and sister asleep on the front lawn. When we appear the girl tries to hide under her brother. He's a bundle of fun but settles down as soon as I pick him up. An ear lick on first meeting. He looks me right in the eye. A dead ringer for Wilf.

She by contrast  is quite timid. May just be shy. Seems to cling to her sibling. Beautiful silky coat, bright eyes. Quite happy to let us pick her up. Settles down just as quickly in our hands. Good hip scores.

Mother eight years old. Too old ? ' The font ' thinks not. Certainly her last litter. Perhaps that's why there's only two puppies.

The mother an absolute sweetheart. Doesn't grumble as I quickly check her gums and eyes. Clearly healthy. Coat is in a dreadful, heavily matted condition. Life on the farm or neglect ? ' The font ' points out that my coat would be matted if I'd just raised two boisterous pups.

Things to discuss over dinner.
Can we take one without the other ? No.
Could we take both and the unreserved 4 week old  ? No. Bringing up two is quite difficult enough.
Is the mothers age a problem ? We'll call the vet tonight.
Certainly more of a working farm than a kennels. A farm but not a puppy farm. Will need to check with the vet to see if he thinks that's a problem. Cows leaning over the courtyard hedge, chickens and geese in the barn, a stray goat tethered to a tractor. Vaccinations a must.
The females shyness ? Could this be a problem ?  Is 12 weeks too late to socialize them after the complete isolation of the farm ?

We'll make up our minds tonight and decide whether or not to collect them on our return from California at the beginning of April.


  1. Well, I never! Love the Mum!!! the lil ones - just gorgeous floof balls, aren't they....oooohhhh--aaaahhhh :))))))

  2. They are all cuteness personified.

  3. I saw your most recent post - the one of jus the pups and the others and was holding my breath and hoping it was leading to something like this. Oh please don't let the lack of socialization deter you - the age of 12 weeks - here in the states, many of trainers will not take on puppies until 12 weeks of age altho I know some training can begin before then. But given that you are around so much and can expose the puppy to such a variety of different situations is always a plus.
    Mom Kim

  4. Gosh, so many questions to be asked and answered. Your head must be in a spin! I so hope you get the answers that you need to hear.

    Puppies and mum are very very gorgeous :)

  5. What delightfully difficult decisions.
    I will tell you that we adopted Apple at 12 wks. She was the last of her litter to be adopted, with her sister proceeding her out the door by only 30 minutes. So very providential for her that we showed up when we did. She bonded immediately with Edward who was happy to take on the role of mentor. We of course, were thrilled with this until we took her to puppy class and discovered that she had not bonded with humans very well. Hid under my chair and growled. We had to stay after class. The teacher informed us in no uncertain terms that we'd have trouble with her if we didn't socialize her like crazy. So that's what we did. She went everywhere with us... garden tours, shopping, playgrounds, you name it. We let everybody hold her. The result is that she loves everyone now. No shyness, no reticence. I say this on behalf of the "shy" sister. I would bet that given a few mornings in with the absinthe crowd, she'll be fine.
    Of course there are other issues you are considering, I know.
    But gee whiz, they are cute.

  6. Boy you sure have lots of things to PONder now!
    (My eyes hurt seeing the mother dog's coat. :-/ )

    Do they have to be siblings? Why not take the free 4-week-old male and the male that is 8 weeks old now. I think it sure would do good for the timid girl to get into her own home as soon as possible to learn and experience things in this important stage.

    Good luck whatever you decide! :-)

  7. Take them both.
    The timid one will soon find her feet when she's home with you. It might take a little more time but it will be worth it.

  8. There is an old saying "Dogs are the only family member you get to choose" so another question... if these are the two you both want (rather than waiting for another litter), then is it possible to change the dates of your trip to the US (would the cost centres understand, and is there a finacial implication changing plans (that can be written off in your mind in terms of the number of years ahead with your new family) that makes an extra four weeks of puppy socialisation and bonding worthwhile, or if there is a particular date you have to be in the US could you and the Font's holiday dates overlap with one of you in France with your young family members most of the time?

    Wishing you and the font all the best making a decision.

  9. Hi ANGUS: Just adding my two cents worth into the mix......this is one of the breeders in France that I forwarded to you. I don't know if this is who you visited, but by the looks of her lovely *video - of the premises - I think not. (take a look) Here is the breeder, once again, in
    the Val de Marne. Hope this helps with the selection. The impression seems to be one of extreme care, cleanliness, pride. Hope this helps. EDENA in Vancouver.

  10. P.S. from EDENA in Vancouver
    Hi ANGUS: A bit more information on the breeder (above), MAZUROW in the Val-de-Marne. Included, a Google map and Streetview of her location - definitely not a
    farm. Better safe than sorry, so perhaps she is worth a meet-and-greet. Hope this helps - all very well intended.

    (Here is the actual street view:),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43148975,d.aWM&biw=1751&bih=986&q=10,+rue+Jean-Jacques+Rousseau,+94100+St.+Maur+des+Fosses,+val-de-marne&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x47e60c8dda2edbdb:0xfca2701000708a72,10+Rue+Jean+Jacques+Rousseau,+94100+Saint-Maur-des-Foss%C3%A9s,+France&gl=ca&sa=X&ei=7xo1UfLRFYW4qAG4-oHADg&ved=0CDAQ8gEwAA

  11. How exciting is this! Awwwwwwwwwwww - the pups are just adorable!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  12. What cuties! Looking forward to tomorrow and your decision :)

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  13. Idk, I'm always for helping out the little ones that might be more difficult to place for some reason - like shyness. She's the one that really needs you :)

  14. Just like us, dogs have their own individual characters...the shy sister needs her brother right now. Please don't separate them. In time, she will become a great dog, especially living with you and the Font.
    Teasing us with these lovely photos and agonising questions, I hope you both make the right decision.

  15. Decisions, decisions. Kendra was unsocialised, but she was older when she came here. Was never truly socialised, but it became less of a problem later on. They are so sweet, hope the vet is possitive.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  16. The puppies are precious, and you are right, there are very valid things about them that need you need to consider and decide about--I hope by the time you read this, you and 'the font' will have found those answers.

  17. Love the pups; I always go for the shy ones. So far has always turned out great.

  18. Some sheer pleasure and enjoyment for ANGUS and the FONT: Thought you might enjoy seeing the actual VIDEO from the Breed Judging of the PONS at this year's
    Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in Manhattan (last month). As well as the results from that breed judging. Enjoy, with warmest and best regards,
    EDENA in Vancouver.

  19. Squiff and Squee, indeed. Squeeeeeeee! They're so adorable my cuteness meter just overloaded. And shy puppies properly socialized are generally OK later on. My guess on the mother's coat is that it's just farm living, especially if her eyes and teeth are good. Good luck, and thanks for including us all in this momentous decision.

  20. Take the Mum too Angus. There's something in her eyes.

  21. I don't know a thing abiout dogs but my shy boy kitty, who wouldn't come out from under the bed for three days when I got him, turned out to be Mr. Personality plus, everyone's friend and true soulmate for me. Still grieve after all these years.
    If you have any prejudices about the little female, you may project them onto her in an " I thought so " fashion. Not good for her or you.. Wilf and Digby will be a hard act to follow.
    I vote for taking all three. Less likely to make comparisons.

  22. Good idea, check with the vet. Let him/her know your concerns. Then let the rest rely on your gut. That always does it for us! Good luck!

  23. My bet is that the sister turns out to be the outgoing one! It's funny how those things work out. They look like an adorable pair, and it would be hard for me to resist them, I know that. We're all weak in the face of puppy cuteness, which is why they get away with so much mischief! Good luck, whatever you decide!

  24. Twelve weeks old is much better - more socialization within the admittedly small litter but Mom has a lot to teach. YESH. Poor mom -needs a bath (but then, all mine do).