Saturday, January 5, 2013

Criminality !

The first committee meeting of the year to discuss the pottery fair. 8 o'clock sharp in the village hall. Everyone is there. The lady with the beehive hairdo, the red faced farmer with his Yorkie, the man in the yellow luminescent jacket who does ' interventions ' , the mayors wife with her errant hearing aid. Proceedings start at 8.40. The old farmer shows up at 9.00.

This year they plan to have two day pottery event. Meals will be provided for the visiting potters. An hour and a half is then spent deciding what should be served. No final decision is made. The Chairman of the Village Fleuri Association reminds everyone that ' they ' are preparing a six course dinner for tomorrow nights New Year gathering.He repeats the words ' six courses ' for effect.

While the villagers discuss the pros and cons of paella,  Monsieur Bay tells 'the font' about a crime in the small market town 10 kilometres away. Three years ago an old lady passed away at the age of 94. Her four daughters were supposed to divide the property amongst themselves. However,this proved impossible. A family feud of the '' Mother intended me to have that vase . You never knew her like I knew her " variety. The case becomes mired in the courts.

Friday morning. The Police and Pompiers are called to a fire in the centre of town.The old ladies house has been broken into,' objects of value ' stolen and the house then professionally torched. One of the sisters is reported 'allegedly' to have been seen with her husband and sons leaving the scene of the crime at high speed. This morning the story is on the front page of the local newspaper.


  1. Well I am sure that potters have healthy appetites and they too will appreciate a multi-course meal. After all, the craft of making pots has its origins in the need for vessels in which to store and serve food and drink, does it not?

  2. It's very, very unfortunate when family issues can't be resolved peaceably. I will hope that the menu and the two day pottery event will be--If it is two days, I wonder how many new things you'll have that will go straight into storage?

  3. To have a home "professionally torched" is a scary undertaking, not to mention premeditated as well.
    Amazing what horrible tendencies are awakened in humans who are filled with greed over others belongings.
    Can't even say the old lady should have left a will, because sometimes, the will is never honoured, but is contested in court.
    The entire family that committed this horrendous act should be questioned and charged...this is so sad.
    On a brighter note, have you dusted off your dancing shoes for tonight?

  4. Would love to attend that pottery fayre! Shame about the house torching. One word. Karma.

  5. At least they decided they will have six courses! You have to get the important details ironed out first! lol

    What a shame about the house and sisters not getting along! Someone must be spinning in her grave.

    1. Still can't communicate with your server. Love the visit to the watrefall.

  6. Luckily you found out about the nurse... love the font's comment... Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and Kiri
    We take our Vitamin injections by the glass every morning (orange or tangerine juice)