Saturday, January 26, 2013

A most luxurious vehicle.

Mr.Singh, the usual cab driver, is away. He arranges for ' the font ' to be driven around Delhi by his cousin , also called Mr.Singh. '' Please do not be worrying . My cousin has a most luxurious vehicle ".

When it shows up among the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Classes on the hotel forecourt the ' luxurious vehicle ' is instantly recognizable . British or Australian readers of a certain age may notice the taxis more than passing resemblance to a 1956 Morris Oxford.

Inside Mr.Singh has personalized the interior , or , to be more precise  Mrs.Singh has personalized the interior. The roof, seats, sun visor and door panels have been recovered in an unyielding  grey,black and white quilted plastic material. The sort of fabric that might best be described as ' hard wearing '. Mrs.Singh has also crocheted an almost matching cover for the taxi meter, the gear lever , the window winders and the rear parcel shelve. A small pink elephant god graces the dashboard. To cap off  the luxurious retro fit an electric  fan, single seat belt  and fire extinguisher have been installed for the benefit of passengers sitting on the left hand side.

The manager wanders down and asks ' the font ' if a hotel car might not be more comfortable. This offer is graciously declined . '' She is most luxurious vehicle . No ? " says Mr.Singh. ' Quite unique ' replies ' the font '. Everyone, with the possible exception of the hotel manager,  is happy.


  1. Do you have Mrs Singh's address? The Mini's metal topped gear lever is cold to the hands in winter weather and would benefit greatly from a crocheted gear level cover.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. Hats off to the 'Font' for appreciating what is a clearly a unique and much loved car not to mention what is patently an honourable attempt to make a living.

  3. I love the car, and would have been proud and happy to travel around in Mr. Singh's taxi just like the "Font".
    What I admire is how folks who have so much less, still have so much pride in themselves, are humble, and treat others with dignity.
    Say hello to the "Font" for me.

  4. Lady Font is just adorable... I am sure even the Dehli dogs know it by now.... Take care Susanne, Daizy, Foxxie and Kiri plus Dandy cat Its plant cutting days here...

  5. "She is most luxurious vehicle" and I think that you and 'the Font' have made lifelong friends of the two Mr. Singh's!

  6. Lovely decor! She is just beautiful! Always look on the bright side, it could have been a scooter.

  7. Wow, that taxi is beautiful and very shiny. Impeccably maintained. What a treat.

  8. the taxi is beautiful. inside and out.
    and you and the font are beautiful. inside and out.
    tammy j

  9. Good on the font. So many perple go to far away places and want it just like home.

    Were you craving a bit of Shimla Mirch in your Burns Night haggis?

  10. Good for "the Font". Keeping things in the family is important.

  11. Hurray for 'the font'.

    A lesson to the rest of us to make the mundane part of our lives.....splendid! you don't have to settle for plain.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Fabulous. Who needs a boring old BMW.
    Mme Font, both of you, are inspirational.