Sunday, January 13, 2013

A great view.

The gutter cleaner arrives at eight on Saturday morning. He's brought his wife. They're here for three hours and chat away constantly and without pause the whole time. He at the top of the ladder, she at the bottom. He shouts down to tell her there's a great view from up here. She shouts back " you are lucky ". There is, as far as I can tell, no hint of sarcasm in her reply.

The chicken counter in the supermarket. A new sign with a picture of a smiling young couple surrounded by happy looking chickens. Underneath the slogan  '' Raised in the fresh air ". I've seen  personalised signs like this at the meat display but never one that shows which particular farm the chickens came from. A sign of growing interest in food and / or animal welfare ?

Overhead the sky full of large Royal Air Force transport aircraft taking French troops to Mali. Unlike civil planes the military aircraft fly in packs of three or four , their contrails trailing behind them as straight as a ruler. They used to be going to Afghanistan, then Libya , now Mali. World events unfolding in the skies above our sleepy little patch of paradise.


  1. I watch "a Good Year" last night. Have you seen it? Mme Duflot must be a blood relative of Mme Bey.

  2. Thank goodness the gutter cleaner showed up as promised. Hopefully he will set the tone for the new year for the other maintenance workers that are due to come over. Were you included in three hour conversation too? Lucky you!!

  3. There has been a movement here in the US to not buy the eggs or chickens that aren't allowed to 'free range.' Fast food places in particular McDonalds has been boycotted by a lot of people for their supporting the use of battery hens. I have to admit to being one of them.

  4. Fresh air chickens! Love this. I wish our city would pass the bylaw for citizens to have chickens. I have the chicken coop plans waiting in the wings...

  5. Interested to see if France is
    going to receive the assistance
    of any other nations. Save Timbuktu!

  6. What is going on in Mali? Africa is now the hot zone for mining... Almost 100% vegetarian for what happens to animals and to our health - parasites in our bodies... lovely creatures... terrain modification - love from Southern Italy where Life is very, very tranquil in January!!! The Southern Italian Crew