Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cruise Control and Les Miserables

Cruise control in the big 4x4 gives up the ghost. The dealer provides a ' courtesy car ' while it's being fixed. An eleven year old Rover ' Streetwise ' with 170,000 k's on the clock. The clutch has a kick like a mules. Brakes like a sponge. All in all an unforgettable driving experience. Why are courtesy cars always dire ?

Home to find Madame Bay's ' Wild Child '  voiturette parked in the drive . She's at the breakfast table nursing a large cup of coffee while  carefully examining the cinema schedule in the local paper :

Django Unchained
Texas Chainsaw 3D
Life of Pi
Les Miserables
Zero Dark Thirty

Madame Bay announces that she will take the granddaughters to see Les Miserables. '' You can't beat a good French movie ". In these parts Russell Crowe clearly an honorary Frenchman. Sometimes its simply easier to agree. 

The big 4x4 is ready for collection in the afternoon. '' Monsieur. We've reset the cruise control computer. You'll find it's working just fine now " says the unsmiling young man at reception. On the motorway home it's soon apparent that it isn't.


  1. Is cruise control common in cars in France?

  2. Did they test drive it after they reset the computer? Gosh I've never used cruise control.
    Well let's make sure we get it running back at its optimum, because we will soon have 2 lovely bundles to transport safely.
    Madame Bay can also take her granddaughters to see Life of Pi.

  3. Are you still negotiating over the
    scratches in the windscreen of the
    new car? The battles never end.

  4. Yes. The new dog car is proving to be temperamental ( ie the last car built just before the factory shuts on a Friday afternoon ). The 4x4 is British so weird electronics are par for the course.

  5. I'll hope both of your vehicles are repaired soon! I put these kind of issues right up with with banking and computer problems!

  6. Oh drats!!! How far did you make it before you found out? Yes you can't beat a good French movie. :)

  7. BMW, Ford , Tata; no one's had the company long enough in the last years to get the problems sorted out. I wouldn't know if the cruise control on my car works, never use it.
    My many years as a Land Rover owner was like living with a very tempestuous partner; lots of excitement but you wonder why you didn't divorce them sooner.

  8. Did you just turn right around and head straight back? Sadly this happens frequently with the new computers in every vehicle. But I must say, that's a mighty fine looking new Range Rover.

  9. Les Mis chosen over the cinematic classic Texas Chainsaw 3D? ;-)
    Saw Les Mis this past week, loved it. Good luck with the car.

    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max