Thursday, January 3, 2013

Six courses !

New season lines in the menswear store. A display of expensive sports / leisure apparel in the window. On closer examination its apparent  the clothing comes from that special place where they have an English dictionary but don't speak the English language. ' Original Golf Rugby Competition. Only for Professional Rugby Golfers ' .

The flower shop gamely displaying a lemon tree outside its front door. The hyacinths and hostas flourishing in the bracing morning air. The lemon tree altogether less happy.

Five o'clock. The bell at the gate rings. It's the Chairman of the Floral Village Committee. Blue hat, blue shirt, blue coat, blue trousers.  All in all very blue. The nemesis of the Beautiful Byeways Committee. A courtesy call to remind us that it's the village New Year gathering on Saturday night. The ladies of the association preparing a six course dinner. '' Six courses ! M'Ongoose ". He repeats this startling fact and to be doubly sure I've understood hands me a photocopied flyer.

Salad Gascon
Beef and potatoes
Ice Cream
Petit fours

Music by Jean-Luc and his singing accordian.

'' Eight o'clock in the Salle de Fetes. You'll be there ? ".  Angus makes a non-committal grunting noise. This seems to satisfy him.


  1. Very puzzling menswear. No only language 'issues' but also the national symbolism seems awry. Mention of France-England, a UK flag, but the jersey appears to be in Scottish dark blue?

  2. Oh my, oh my, six courses indeed, I'm laughing over here quite loudly.
    Dear Angus, please go, and report back, this is interesting fodder for a post.
    You and the Font have lots of fun dancing to Jean-Luc's music.

  3. So - did you go?

    I do get a bit miffed at bad english on garments. Especially as I refuse to buy something that is otherwise very pretty but has a bad english slogan "jolly flowers butterfly pattern" has been seen...What?!

  4. Well, I'll be curious to see if you attend that little fete! I have a feeling there will be a good story or two in there.

    That little shop looks so pretty! We don't have anything quite that lovely here in our corner of the world.

  5. And here all this time I had no idea coffee was considered a course at a dinner...Wonder if Martha Stewart knows this.

  6. I think rugby golf would be a fun game. Rugby with sticks or kicking the golf ball, so many possibilities for play? Happy New Year to you and The Font.

  7. Bogus crests on clothing! How awful! Equally as bad are the monogramed initials of the designer.

    The little lemon tree just needs a bit of tender loving care. How about a place in your sun room? The scent would be heavenly.

  8. Oh, I've been a professional rugby golfer for years now! It right up there with bocci football and soccer volleyball!

  9. Potage? Did they not use to serve that in bread trenchers? I may be wrong....

    Perhaps you should buy the apparel displayed in the window and then you could go to the 6 course dinner in fine form!

    I would buy the little lemon tree just to bring it in to the warmth!

  10. We're catching up, so Happy New Year and hope you had a nice Christmas. Most exciting: the new Pon siblings to come later in the year. Guess I'm most appalled at the bad farmer starving his cows, but ads for puppies in the super market is also on the list. They look more like Portuguese Water Dogs than Pons to me. Is there no SPCA in France, or any group that protects farm animals? Of course, farm animals get significantly less protection in the US than pet animals do, too. If the cows are kept for dairy, surely there must be some state standards for health and safety of the cows? Maybe they could wander through a hole in the fence and join another, better kept herd.

    Looking forward to hearing about the deferred New Year's dinner. Is there collaboration on the dinner, or is it strictly a production of the Floral Village Committee? Have always wondered if membership on the committees was hereditary/tribal, given the Hatfield & McCoys atmosphere between the two committees.