Friday, January 4, 2013

A seasonal dead zone.

A spaniel breeders van at the supermarket. What do they need such a big van for ? After the festivities the citizens of France profonde are now back at work. By ten the plumber and the electrician have been on the phone asking whether we've decided to fit new bathrooms. '' We're free at the moment M'Ongoose ". No sign , yet, of the man who faithfully promised to clear the gutters. In the bakers the Buchettes de Noel are now beginning to curl slightly at the edges.

Back in the UK the holidays continue. Everything shut down for two weeks solid between Christmas Eve and January 7th . A seasonal dead zone. There may be some people working but it seems the courier companies aren't amongst them. So much for those promises " You'll definitely get it in plenty of time for Christmas ". 

Miraculously both the airlines and the airports remain strike free.


  1. That large van does make me feel that the breeding of those puppies is rather less a labour of love than it should be. I hope I am wrong.

    Poor orphan cakes...surely one would still do the job admirably with a pot of coffee?


  2. Angus, I can tell you that no-one was working at Gail's office on Wednesday - I went in for myself and checked (see report tomorrow)!
    Toodle pip!

  3. The Buchettes de Noel should have been put on sale ages ago.
    I hope this year will be better for both you and I where house maintenance crews are involved.
    Today, I'm still waiting on a guy who promised to come by yesterday after 1pm to quote a window installation.
    If it's one thing I'm learning is patience (sometimes!)
    Folks here are back out to work, but still in Christmas mode. I will not be conducting any business until next week....makes no sense.

  4. Happy New Year, we look forward to reading all about your travels in 2013.

  5. Oh dear, I have been in the USA a long time it seems. That van doesn't even seem especially large to me at all!

    Well, I'm off to work . .. nothing shut down here.

    I think I am sounding and feeling a bit peeved today.

  6. That van must be used to transport A LOT of cockers...

    Those poor cakes! Sure past their sell by date by now! Wonder if you could get one or two half off? Might be nice soaked in tea. ;)