Sunday, January 27, 2013

In search of Saint Thomas.

We head off to Chennai in search of St.Thomas.

The Air India flight delayed then the takeoff  aborted. One of those days. The captain comes on the intercom to say " we've had some technical problems but I think they may be under control ". We take off on the second attempt. The other passengers clap and cheer in that unselfconscious way American college kids sometimes do .

The stewardess serves our meal. She unsmilingly tells us it's roast hen . Somehow the pasta is still frozen, the chicken tepid but the peppers scaldingly hot . '' A miraculous oven " says ' the font ' tucking in with gusto

The professor from the local university is at the airport to meet us. An expert on 9th century Indian art. She has three mobile phones that she keeps concealed in various folds of her sari. '' You're running late. You won't need to freshen up " she says by way of greeting.

Our first stop St.Thomas Mount. Barely half a mile from the end of the airport runway. The supposed site of the saints martyrdom in AD 72. We know we're in the right place because there's a sign telling us to take our shoes off and next to it a marble pillar crowned with a statue of the saint . '' Only 150 steps to the top " says the professor striding off in the hundred degree heat with a jauntiness that belies her age.


  1. 150 steps to the top? You must be keen.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Amazing that the university professor was able to conceal three mobile phones in here sari...that is an incredible feat...almost like a magic trick.
    The dear "font" always makes the best of everything, and I love her optimism and (glass half-full) attitude.
    My friends say I have rose coloured glasses, since I tend to be the same way.
    150 steps to the top...I presume you made it with no huffing and puffing while you climbed.

  3. The captain must have really inspired confidence with his "think they may be under control" comment....I would have cheered once you landed :)

  4. In the heat, I've no doubt it felt like 350 steps!

  5. I would have enjoyed the view from the bottom! It would be the heat that got to me, not those steps!

  6. Those peppers look delicious! On Saturday I picked up 6 colorful bell peppers to roast (going to have a roasted pepper/ hummus combo in a pita!) Got the idea for such a sandwich while reading my current book - the characters were having such a sandwich - struck me as tasty.

  7. Airplane food?
    Oh, I always bring an apple and banana.
    I sound like the Dowager Countess there, I suppose.

  8. That flight sounded scary! You are certainly having some experience!

  9. The flight announcement would make one wonder if their adventure was beginning or ending. Add the airport landing strip and martyrdom site being unsettlingly close.
    More interesting is the font, who prepares such exquisite dishes, tucking into an airline meal!

  10. Ugh...why is it plane food always lack taste?! Never mind the appearance! As for the flying itself, humm, we have had a few of those in the past as well, hang on to your socks!
    I am so glad I stumbled on your blog! Looking forward to read more of your search!

  11. That gravy looks a bit gelatinous. I hope you survived both the airline and the 150 steps. You two are so intrepid.

  12. Intrepid travelers, blessings to you!!