Monday, June 25, 2012

Walker Texas Ranger

A day spent shuttling backwards and forwards between the house and Toulouse airport. Angus has ample time to rediscover the wonders of the airport McDonalds. They now bring your coffee and macaroons to the table. No need to queue. Very French.

The heat is building up.The sage in the herb garden in full flower.Track suit wearing Dutch and Belgian tourists beginning to arrive.The bakers selling out of croissants by seven thirty. A sign has appeared on the town hall notice board.  '' For the first time in Europe " the Walker Texas Ranger band. Country music hits deepest France Profonde. Angus wonders how big a  following the band have in Texas .

Late Afternoon. ' The font ' seeing Prometheus at the local cinema. Angus sits at the cafe enjoying a glass of wine. A brief interlude of peace. The cafe has invested in new purple plastic chairs. As ugly as they are flimsy. I'll bet they're all broken within a month .

Across the way four American ladies in broad brimmed sun hats have set up easels and are happily painting the shops in the market place . Angus can't help but think that it's unusual to come all the way to France from Illinois and choose the tobacconists as a subject . The American ladies look up when five old Citroens park , line abreast , by the police station. A group of vintage car enthusiasts spill out onto the pavement and stand laughing before driving off again. The American ladies think the Citroen drivers arrival, and departure , is ' sooo French ' . Life in France Profonde. Not long now before the sunflowers are in full bloom .


  1. Multiculturalism comes to France Profonde.

    We were always told those old Citroens came with a can opener.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. I think that if the American ladies want something beautiful to paint, they should wait for the sunflowers to bloom--Their synchronicity as they face the sun is perfection!

  3. The Chuck Norris fans will surely emerge. Time for a cowboy hat for Madame Bay.

  4. Look up Gruene Hall in Texas. That will give you the answer to the "Walker, Texas Ranger" band. Oh, & BTW, I just realized the famous hotel in Marfa was where the movie "Giant" was filmed so long ago. You guys make me smile broadly. xx's

  5. oh oh oh! i'm there!
    even in the horrid purple chair.
    i love your vignettes of life in france profonde.
    missing my beloved wee bear in this one though.
    a bear hug to my lad,
    tammy j

  6. Angus, those pastries! To have just a bite size piece of each one! Too wonderful even for dreams.
    Oh and those Citro├źns, I love them.

  7. The population in my small Minnesota town doubles in the summer. We will be having our annual country music festival, always big names even though I don't pay much attention to it. We have a Water Carnival, big parade (lots of politicians this year, I bet!)and people, people everywhere. Most of us ordinary citizens yearn for Labor Day, when suddenly and happily, the party is over! A few similarities to France Profonde?


  8. Do you like country music?

  9. When I moved to MT, a physician with whom I was interviewing asked me if I liked country music; I asked if there was an NPR (National Public Radio) station - he said yes - I said good enough.
    I would have painted the line of colorful Citroens.
    Let us know the "font's" take on "Prometheus." It's on my list.

  10. Thank you for fixing the comments box. I hope you have a lovely holiday; as you leave, we arrive; our place is 20 minutes from Mirande, the Country Music Capital of France. This will be the first time we'll be in France whilst the festival is on. Note to self, "go west, old woman"

    Hope you enjoy Boston.