Saturday, June 9, 2012

The dragon tattoo.

Saturday morning . A large truck is delivering a consignment of bottled water to the town hall. The usually unflappable mayors secretary is explaining to the driver that she hasn't ordered 1500 bottles of Evian. The driver is too busy unloading the palets to pay her any notice. I can almost hear the words :  " Sorry love. This is the address on the chit . Just doing my job . Call the office on Monday if there's a problem ". Some language is universal.

Into Toulouse. ' The fonts ' monthly trip to IKEA for Swedish delicacies. Air dried fish, oatmeal, rye bread, lingon berries . Angus , who is not keen on raw fish or lingon or rye bread, heads to the freezer section in search of marzipan cakes and chocolate gateaux. Scandinavias greatest gift to the culinary universe.

Time, I'm told,  to buy some beachwear for the upcoming US holiday. Angus looks for the most staid retail outlet he can find . A young lady shop assistant with a double nose piercing , a diamond stud in her eyebrow and a tattoo of a dragon on the left side of her neck , asks if she can help . It's soon clear that her taste in clothing is more adventurous than this middle aged males . She is very keen on primary colours. Angus isn't. She's also keen on what appears to be  a pale blue cotton dinner jacket with a crest embroidered on the breast pocket.  She takes the offending garment off the hangar and holds it out in front of her . '' This is just right for the beach. It's so you " . Angus regards it with horror. Perhaps she thinks I work in the light entertainment industry. Ten minutes later yours truly leaves with some sear sucker shorts and linen shirts. 

An Asian fusion lunch. ' The fonts ' choice . Angus orders boiled chicken. It appears wrapped in a banana leaf. The chicken is finely diced with an unusual , presumably intended, aniseed flavour . The sort of thing you might serve a recuperating patient in hospital. ' The font ' loves it. Maybe this is what restaurants on Guam are like.

When we get home there's a long and needlessly wordy e-mail from the hotel on Nantucket . '' With considerable difficulty , and despite the short notice , we have been able to make dining reservations for you and your party at ...". It then lists the establishments, their addresses, and the time of our reservations . Angus wonders if '' with considerable difficulty " is American shorthand for ' we expect a very large tip '. 

A quiet weekend in France Profonde .


  1. I rather hate being told, "it's so you!" as whatever "it" happens to be usually does not match up with the image I have so carefully created for myself in my head. However, I've gotten used to it since purchasing my green Fiat. That's what everyone says. And I have no idea what they mean.

    That hotel concierge sounds a bit like a great aunt of mine.

  2. Needlessly wordy indeed. My current pet peeve...those who work in the 'service' industry and believe, by doing their job, they are somehow doing you a favour!

  3. How funny that the girl picked out a dinner jacket to wear to the beach! Apparently, she's never been to the beach! lol

    Gotta agree with Jacqueline about those working in the "service" industry thinking that, by doing their job, they're somehow doing you a favor. Sadly, I work with someone just like this! She does very little actual work, she's rude and I can't figure out why no one in management has said anything to her about this yet.

  4. I have heard that part of the coast is packed in the summer. People escaping the big city for the summer. Beautiful especially in the early autumn. I used to read a blogger who took yearly vacations in one of those little inns tucked away in it's own cove complete with a tiny island.

  5. Wow! They're giving you a dinner reservation, not one of their kidneys!

  6. I always say I'll never go into Ikea again, but when retail therapy bids its bidding and I get within about 10 miles of their shops, I find myself 'drawn' to it. I usually leave with shampoo for some odd reason!

  7. Sounds like between the Evian order and your dinner reservations, today was one interesting day! Sear sucker is the best choice I'd say!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  8. The lunch in the photo looks delicious. I'm with the font here.
    Absolutely can't stand those jackets with the very pretentious crests that turn out to be the designers rather than yours or your club's. It sounds like you've made a wise choice.

  9. i laughed right out loud in this one.
    i love the way you shop angus.
    wonder why some hotels think they have to be
    so rude and snooty? very sad.
    hello! it's called the hospitality business, people.
    i do love new england though. my mother was from there.
    hope you're also coming out west. we're friendly!
    tammy j

  10. With considerable difficulty? What kind of establishment makes it sound like doing their job is troublesome, and that you the guest are being troublesome, EVEN if the task was difficult? In the hospitality industry you should never allow a guest to see the hamster in the wheel or the duck legs paddling like crazy under water, the guest should just see a lot of floating and serene waters. That's the proper and best way to earn a big tip!

    I was at our local IKEA a couple of weeks ago getting our daughter a bed (first time visiting it, and that bed was really a great price, pretty and all daughter needs) and wish I had looked in the grocery section now as the food the font picked up sounds delicious.

  11. Let's hope the reservations aren't made at asian fusion restaurants.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. I've never been to Nantucket, but it seems that anytime 'considerable' difficulty' is mentioned, it means more money.

  13. Though your photos from France Profonde are always beautiful and quite is quite evident that even amidst the routine and peace...there is NEVER a dull moment...always a tale to be told...Life is good, and quite interesting over there. Thanks so much for sharing it with those of us who may never make it over to that side of the world! ;-) enjoyed the humorous examples of human behavior!!! lol...

  14. "There once was a man from Nantucket, who walked around with a hole in his bucket." I am hoping that you enjoy your holiday, but the writing is already on the wall...large TIPS are expected for any service is so funny sometimes.
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, nose and eyebrow piercings is the new look of service "professionals" today.
    At least you stuck to your guns and purchased what you liked...good for you.
    Believe it or not I'm looking to "our" trip to Nantucket....this is going to be a wild wild ride....oh my I can't help it, I'm laughing already.