Saturday, November 24, 2012

WD40, swivelling heads and the star.

First light. The old farmer arrives at the gate in search of a can of WD40. '' Salut, M'Ongoose, Salut ! I'm putting up the Christmas star ". In front of his garage door a chaotic tangle of wire, metal poles and coloured lightbulbs. Pilots on their final approach into Toulouse airport will soon have an extra navigational aid to help them on their way.

Back from the local market town to find the front gate open. In the downstairs hallway an effusive Madame Bay demonstrating the cordless, lithium batteried hoover to four of her friends. Identikit granny's - sensible shoes, dark coats and black hats. I catch the words '' new and unique ". They coo in unison as she demonstrates the swiveling head feature.

The street lights are on all day. Angus wonders if this is anything to do with the electrical cable that now snakes down from the old farmers roof to the recently installed electrical junction box by the side of the Salle des fetes. The Christmas star powered by municipal electricity ?


  1. All this talk of Christmas is whetting my appetite for the unpacking of your nativity scene - I laughed so much I nearly wet myself (sorry, tmi I know) when reading about it last year (or was it the year before?).

    Anyway, I can't wait.

  2. With a loud gaffaw, I almost splashed my monitor with juice just now...Angus, you always make me laugh.
    The antics of the folks in your neighbourhood are to die for.
    Madame Bay will soon be hosting tupperware parties at the ROF.
    As for the old farmer he is a real sly character, what will he think of next?? Who knows, maybe the pilots will incorporate the Christmas star into their landing lingo.

  3. Is this the same chap who diverted the pond water?

  4. The old farmer is getting bolder with his tricky ploys!
    Madame Bay is a hoot!

  5. That last picture is absolutely beautiful! What a view....

    You might want to consider selling tickets to view The Hoover, no?

  6. Ongoose Poirot - finding out everything what goes on in the village - common practice here too!
    Have a good day susanne, daisy, foxiie and kirili

  7. i see why you stay. i really do!
    besides . . .
    there is a great anglo saxon novel there. just begging to be written.
    tammy j

  8. Did the ladies next inspect the new dishwasher? Technology and state of the art reigns at the ROF!!

  9. Who knew that the purchase of a hoover would make Madame Bay the envy of all the other housekeepers in your village?

  10. Never a dull moment.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

  11. Ha ha ha! I can just picture all the little old ladies admiring your vacuum! I guess Christmas came early for Madame Bay. :)

    I sense another scandal on the horizon! Didn't the farmer get in trouble for diverting water this summer, too?

  12. Madama Bay's friends are identikit grandma types? They probably view Madame Bay as being equally unique and wonderous as the hoover.

  13. The star! It wouldn't be Christmas without the star...for all of your readers as well,