Monday, November 26, 2012

Shortbread ice cream and the donkey

Angus sits down to watch Scotland play Tonga in the rugby championships. They lose 21-15. A pitiful performance. The pain of the loss made slightly more bearable by a plate of ice cream.  The packaging says its that traditional British ice cream flavour - caramel shortbread .

In the big red brick church Christmas has arrived. They've brought out the 14th century carving of the Flight into Egypt. Joseph stern, Mary asleep, the baby a plump combination of the two. Sternly asleep. At least the donkey looks happy. Despite wars, woodworm and revolutions it has managed to keep trudging along, an inscrutable look on its face ,  for nearly 700 years.  I'd like to think it'll be there for the next 700 years too.

Off to talk to folks in dark suits about fiscal cliffs. Back on Wednesday.


  1. Cream of Galloway do a fine Caramel and Shortbread flavour ice cream.

  2. How amazing and wonderful that it has survived.
    That icecream sounds very nice.
    Safe travels.

  3. Hmm... Those Brits and their fancy ice cream flavors! Who knew such a thing existed?

    Seven hundred years?! That is remarkable, and it's still rather beautiful!

  4. The looks on the statues faces are quite appropriate. After all, it is the flight into Egypt. Quite arduous. The donkey looking happy, with his burden and long journey ahead, is the mystery.
    Fair skies and a safe trip, Angus.

  5. Must be 'traditional' British ice cream judging from the packaging.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    Maybe the family is still there because they rarely open the church...

  6. Hummph. You should have been there. Possibly the worst I've ever seen them play. And it was FREEZING!

  7. Ice cream makes everything just a little bit more bearable. I see the date stamp on phone has begun working correctly! I feel bad about the woodworm, hope it doesn't bother Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus but if they have lasted 700 years, I think they will be okay!

  8. Have a safe trip, and be careful you don't fall off those fiscal cliffs.

  9. I hope something reasonable can be done about those cliffs and ravines just ahead, but the important things in life will continue on in spite of us for many hundreds more years, will ye nill ye. Enjoy the trip.

  10. i wish they'd just shut up and let YOU run things. i'd feel better.
    hugs and safe trip,
    tammy j

  11. What a beautiful and meaningful sculpture of the Holy Family.