Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The missing widget.

The new hoover needs to be assembled. Easy enough if all the parts are there. Impossible if they're not. A return trip to the electrical store for the missing widgets. 

'' Happy-Technologie ! " says the sign on the outside. This is a message that hasn't percolated through to the staff on the inside. 

' But Monsieur all the parts were there when you bought it ' says the middle aged lady behind the desk. She has clearly been to the same charm school as the Skoda salesman. We discuss the matter. Finally , after filling out a lengthy form, the hoover is replaced. A new box is brought to the checkout desk. The saleslady opens the box , rummages around inside and holds up a small plastic bag containing the truant nuts. She pointedly counts them. '' Voila Monsieur. All is in order. I've checked ". The '' I've checked '' part of the sentence is stressed. She glares at me in much the same way she might glare at a serial widget stealer.

Home to find another electrical store delivering the new dishwasher. '' There's nothing down here about installing it " says a young man with a clipboard. ' Oh yes there is ' replies an Angus who is increasingly wise to the ways of European workmen. The dishwasher is installed in silence.

Late afternoon. The morose garden lads return . They lay more turf and scatter more grass seed. The gardens resemblance to Gracelands grows with each passing day. At five to five they go.


  1. Do you remember a shop called Dixons?

  2. Just returned a new DVD player today, for the second time. Feel your pain.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Glad to read that everything is 'back together!' I hope it stays that way and I hope everything works!

  4. Happy Technologie at it best....CHECK!!
    Hoover exchanged for one containing all the relevant screws and bolts....CHECK!!
    New dishwasher installed in silence......CHECK!!
    Gardeners returned to finish off what they started .....DOUBLE CHECK!!!
    Angus relaxing and drinking a tall one after going through all of the above.....PRICELESS!!!

  5. Ongoose come down here - last time I went to complain that my one month old hoover has broken a plastic handle and asked for replacement but was offered another repair like the one before the storeman said he is allowed to carry arms!!!! and threw me out of the shop - he was exhausted because he came back from chemo, but that was too much. I left the cranky item at the door starting to tell in my best italian what I thought of them: dishonesti, ladri, .... Workmen down here is another saga. Have a glorious day - I am sure you do your best that your house stays charming. The South Italien crew Susanne, daizy, foxiie, kiri and dandy

  6. Very charming sales & installation "help"! Hopefully all dishes are squeaky clean & Radio Nostalgie can be heard amidst state of the art "hoovering"!

  7. i'm sorry. i'm thinking the 'charm' of france is becoming lost on me. i must be an anglo uptight control freak. i didn't think i was. but apparently i am. lol. at least i think i'm lol'ing. might as well.
    no wonder everyone in that country drinks la champagne. the bubbles make the surly incompetence tolerable!!!
    and before any of your french followers complain about this comment... it's not angus'es opinion... only mine!

  8. To me, "Happy" and "Technologie" do not belong in the same sentence.

  9. Good thing the widgets were in the new box! Whew! Good luck with the newly installed dishwasher. I am feeling a little sorry for those morose lads. Perhaps a biscuit would brighten their day?