Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cordless freedom with maximum flexibility.

'' M'Ongoose ! M'Ongoose ! The hoovers broken ! ". Madame Bay advances towards me. In her outstretched hands a hoover wheel and shards of fractured axle.

So it is that an hour later ' M'Ongoose' finds himself in the local electrical supplier accompanied by an enthusiastic seventy something in a padded red and blue striped  housecoat , tartan leggings and  paisley turban. ( The turban is held together at the front by a piece of costume jewellery several times bigger than the Kohinoor diamond ) .

Buying a hoover is not as easy as it sounds. Or to put it more precisely buying a hoover with Madame Bay is not as easy as it sounds. Vacuum cleaners are taken out of boxes, road tested along the aisles, shaken to test their build quality. The merits of pull along versus push along discussed with the sales lady. Several models are rejected because of their colour.

Finally a vacuum cleaner is chosen. '' Are you sure ? " I ask  . Madame has chosen a cordless model with a Lithium battery. ' It's perfect and look - the manufacturer gives you €35 back ' comes the robust response. Cordless freedom with maximum flexibility. Madame Bay a marketing departments target audience.

By the check out counter a display of CD's. Assorted French crooners.  Madame Bay picks up a Johnny Hallyday album . She sings along happily to it , clicking her fingers and swinging her upper body from side to side as we drive the thirty minutes home.


  1. Hoover and freedom. Two words that do not belong in the same sentence.

  2. You are the lucky one! She has found the recipe to stay happy beyond 70... in my imagination I see you driving in the new hoover... I shall compare it to going to the bookkeeper in Southern Italy with my friend from Munich and her cleaning lady - the latter did all the talking about a fine to be paid... love from Southern Italy - hoovering on over here - last time I went to ask to mend my NEWLY bought hoover I was told by the shopowner that he is allowed to carry arms (I swear) - still recovering from that - bought 3 hoovers within 2 years - never buy Italian ones- the Southern Italian crew - Susanne, Daizy, Foxiie and Kiri

  3. We have that Electrolux cordless, but only use it for spot cleaning. We have a bigger monster for the REAL cleaning.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  4. Thanks goodness Madame Bay was with you to choose the "one" she wanted.
    "Several times bigger than the Kohinoor diamond"...Angus you crack me up with your descriptions.
    I love Madame Bay.

  5. The Kohinoor diamond and Madame Bay have something in common in that they are both rare gems!

  6. Cordless freedom DOES have a certain appeal! I would have payed cash money to see you in the store with Madame Bay in all her fashion glory. That must have been some pin!

  7. all madame bays should have an angus lad!
    happiness reigns!

  8. Your Rickety Old Farmhouse makes my Rickety Old Farmhouse look even rickety-er. Love your blog and love the new hoover. You can never go wrong with lithium I always say

  9. I need something like that for my carpeted stairs. Congrats on new car, dishwasher and now "Hoover"!

    1. Strange how everything decides to give up the ghost just before Christmas !

  10. I am enjoying the image you have painted of Madame Bay. And the ride home must have been highly entertaining.

  11. Ah, what a couple you two must make.
    Personally, the one appliance I would rescue from a flood is my Dyson Animal. Appropriately named, too.

  12. Cordless freedom? Sounds like a telephone instead of a hoover. Those look positively easy enough to ride! ;) Heh heh..

    Nothing like cruising home, crooning to the oldies eh M'Ongoose?

  13. She seems to be a delight all the time that is a good thing, imagine if she was not!