Thursday, May 17, 2012

Planning ahead .

Time to plan a trip away from the Rickety Old Farmhouse. The LRB bookstore doesn't sell travel guides but Daunts on Marylebone High Street does. Reservations made at hotels in Maine and Massachusetts. A few nights in Cambridge en route . The concierge at a hotel on Nantucket e-mails with the suggestion that " you let us know your choice of restaurants , what nights, number of people and what time you like to eat at least two , and preferably three , months prior to arrival ". Three months in advance ! Nantucket vacationers must be particularly well ordered people. We'll be there in a little over a month . Will we be able to eat ?


  1. Were you coming to the wilds of Virginia, we'd insist you come to our rickety old farm house - I'm sure you'd never call yours rickety again!!

  2. I would bring a jar of peanut butter with you, just in case! :)

  3. Looking forward to following your blogspot make for such enjoyable reading - (although for some reason my icon hasn't appeared on your Google Friends!!!...darned blogger again).

  4. We'll be with you....all the way.
    With love

  5. Daunt make me very nostalgic for Marylebone.

  6. I am so thrilled that you have Wilf in this picture.Thank you.


  7. Just popping over from Wilf's blog ...yes Marylebone really is the best for travel guides ..
    The efficiency about the eating arrangements sound almost German - let's hope you have ticked the right boxes in time or it really will have to be Burgerking !!

  8. Glad you are carrying on blogging. I am your most recent follower and look forward to your visit.
    We have been to Nantucket on a number of occasions and love it. It gets busy but I feel you will find somewhere to eat. There are some coffee shops there if all else fails. It is a large island and not a lot of restaurants/hotels.
    I have painted there and there is a beauty to the light and the architecture is unique to the area. If time permits, you may wish to include Martha's Vineyard (a little more busy than Nantucket). We rode bicycles there.


  9. Still with you...

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  10. Nantucket absolutely swarms in season. Good advice by your concierge. JackDaddy's may be even better.
    Love to all.

  11. Oh, you are heading to all my favourite spots.
    Must see Castine in Maine.
    Must pick up a Swan's Island blanket.
    Must eat at The Summer House on Siasconset.

    Oh, you're going to have a lovely summer, Angus.
    Best wishes!

  12. alas. i'm an armchair traveler.
    so can't wait for your wonderful descriptions.
    i don't know when you'll have the time!
    i feel like i could just walk into the picture on the header.
    it's beautiful.
    yes. best of wishes!
    tammy j

  13. Sounds like your calendar is pretty full; nevertheless, one day think about going to Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia, and staying at the Greyfield Inn, which was built by one of the Carnegie's - the family owned the majority of the island at one time. The island is also where JFK, Jr. was married in the tiny African church. No cars, no televisions, no telephones, no computers - just bicycling, picnicking, beach-walking, napping on the front porch's swing-beds, wonderful meals, reading, history and peace and quiet. One of my favorite places in the world, I just feel like it would really suit you... Beautiful in the Fall when the weather is cooler.

  14. Dear Ones --
    We look forward to your continued adventures. Many, many thanks for the ones we have already done. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you no matter where you go or what you do. Perhaps next spring an entirely new chapter will begin.

    Again, many thanks.


  15. You really do plan ahead; you started this blog in March! Who knew? Well, whoever commented on the earlier posts, we guess.

    We were going to say 'there's always MacDonalds,' but apparently on Nantucket, there isn't. Is that even legal, to not have a MacDonalds?

    Jed & Abby

  16. P.S. We really want you to have a wonderful vacation in the U.S. But we have to wonder at a concierge who knows or should know your booking is in one month sending an email 'reminding' you of the need to book restaurants 2 to 3 months in advance. We hope the service improves considerably.

    Jed & Abby

  17. Delighted that you are going on blogging and that we may still learn about Madame Bay, the Mayor and your cast of characters in France Profonde. I love your writing and your "vignettes" of a France that we too have come to know and love. Great to see Wilf in the foreground.

  18. Having never been to Nantucket, but to Boston, Salem, Cape Cod, I am sure you will find somewhere to eat!! You will have such a grand time! Enjoy your vacation!!


  19. Oh that you were journeying up to Seattle. There is a family and their two dogs here that would love to meet you.

  20. Guess the guidebook didn't tell eating on Nantucket. Check with Mitch and Molly's mom..they've been there recently. I haven't been to Nantucket in YEARS, but there are lots of places to eat that you won't need to reseve 2-3 months ahead.
    Have a lobster for me in Maine...oh and some fried clams (belly and all).
    Just one question--you driving in Mass? Ha Ha Ha Ha. Oh, I can't wait to hear about this !!!

    Myboyzach's mom (a native Bostonian)

  21. We wish you safe travels and should you wish to visit 4 mad Terriers on your way to Cambridge let us know and we will welcome you with open paws.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  22. Yes I'm a armchair traveler too, like the header pic also!

  23. Well, I finally got a google account so I can comment on this blog.

    I have missed my morning ritual of checking in on Wilf, and like so many have felt very sad. I have found a wonderful antidote. I have been reading back, way back, to your time spent in Italy when you first started writing the blog.

    It was bittersweet at first, seeing a younger Wilf, but it quickly became simply and purely sweet. I got to know Digby for the first time, and the bond he and Wilf shared. Even though back in 2008/9 you commented several times that the boyz were senior dogs and not quite as full of life as they once were Wilf seemed almost a puppy to me! I had only got to know Wilf as an older gentleman dog. It has been delightful to read about him in younger days chasing lizards, digging holes and stealing roast chicken and fresh pasta with his brother always by his side. The picture of Wilf demonstrating flying over a wall is just wonderful and anytime I feel sad that he is no longer with us I think of the pictures of Wilf and Digby facing the wind full on. Wilf's expression and his "hairdo" is priceless. I sat at my computer and laughed aloud the first time I saw that photo and it is making me smile thinking of it now.

    Now I have read all of your blog I think you really do need to get two pon siblings again in the future. Wilf and Digby were simply adorable together . . . they certainly did have some good times.

    Never did find a story about a seal on the beach though.