Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glamour lights up the stars .

Cannes during the film festival . Hectic. The grand hotels charging $20 for a cup of coffee. ' The font ' has tickets to the screening of a raved about  French movie. It turns out to be a ' wrenching ' tale about a whale trainer and her depressive boyfriend .  Maybe it's the heat in the cinema or maybe it's the film but Angus finds himself quickly dozing off. He wakes forty five minutes later  to find that the whale has bitten off the girls legs and her boyfriend has, not surprisingly,  become even more depressive . Nothing much else seems to happen . Angus informs ' the font ' that he should get a prize for sitting through it .

A party. Angus wonders why would anyone want to be in a black tie in this heat . A flowery Frenchman gives a speech . Something about ''  true Glamour belongs to the realm of light. Its energy is sculptural , but it is transitory even as it is , in part, immortal  " . What tosh . The Frenchmans definitely not a Calvinist . ' The font ' spies a famous Canadian actor. Angus has never heard of him . '' He's an action hero ". Angus still hasn't heard of him . Faced with a lack of functioning air conditioning the Canadian actor very sensibly removes his black tie. Angus dreams of getting onto the golf course.

We meet old friends for dinner. Their youngest daughter , an actress in the US,  has landed a major part in a  daytime soap. The parents have just been to a preview for studio executives . The wife , an accomplished novelist , has the traumatised air of  someone who has just opened up the trunk of her  car and found a dead body in it . It seems that the daughter has failed to mention to her parents that she is playing the role of an under age street kid with a serious coke problem and form to match. Mother is not taking the discovery well.


  1. Don't think we'd fit in...even with a black tie.

    Hope the daughter doesn't get type cast. Remember you have to start somewhere and it is marginally better than porn.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. you my friend are in fine form!
    and to think i used to want to go to cannes! well... maybe. but now not when the film festival is there.
    20.00 for a cup of coffee. highway robbery on a new level.
    tammy j

  3. If I ever think of going to the Cannes, I will remember what you wrote and the cost of coffee and stay home.

  4. Seems like Glamour isn't that Glamourous! Enjoy your time away!

  5. I can only imagine the intensity of what it felt like, black tie and all, in that heat!! Perhaps you could have worn shorts or a kilt along with the black tie? Just a thought.....

    If I ever get to Cannes, I shall remember to bring my tea bags with me!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  6. Okay...I got my full dose of laughter for the day all in one post...right here. I believe someone hit the nail on the head with their "You are in fine form" comment. International flavor added to your daily menu of things to share here...(besides the usual entertaining France profonde) :-) Enjoyed visiting and getting a humorous take on the Cannes Festival. Hope you got that round of golf in. Have a great time while away.

  7. My first real chuckle of the day.
    Thank you.

  8. I want to know who the Canadian actor is???

  9. Oh goodness the movie sounds awful.

    Hmm, getting a part in a soap sounds like a pretty good break for a young actress to me, and she will just be acting out those things, right? Mum should lighten up, it's just some old groceries (milk and cheese, maybe) left in the car, not a dead body!

    I miss Wilf. Those pictures and tales of him as pup (albeit an 8 yr old one) so full of energy and vitality running around with his brother are so lovely to read and for the most part cheer me ... but I still miss him.

  10. $20 for coffee... Tosh indeed! I think the atmosphere there is overheated in more ways than just the weather!

  11. And to think I once thought going to Cannes would be a glorious experience...what tosh is right!
    I bet that in spite of the heat, you looked very distinguished in your black tie and that "the font" looked lovely.

  12. Actors have to start somewhere... ;)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle, Maggie Mae and Max

  13. Oh Come on, Angus, Name Names, will you? Its all lots more fun if one knows of whom you are speaking!



  14. Well, the water and sky are beautiful if nothing else. Have a glass of Champagne and enjoy...

  15. It's interesting to enter a 'different world' now and then (even if only via your blog).

  16. Part of me wishes to experience, maybe once, the sparklieness of it all (Cannes). The other part, where my toes reside, are curling.
    I miss Wilf too and am so happy that Angus is still taking us along for the ride.
    Hope you get to hit a few balls Angus!
    Teena & Merlin

  17. What did we ever do before air conditioning?

    Your friend's daughter's role has infinite possibilities for role expansion and plot twists. Playing a drug addicted character in the movie Gia was the breakout role for Angelina Jolie.

  18. Hmmmm - Keanu Reeves? Ryan Reynolds? Brendan Frasier? Ryan Gosling? I'd be delighted to see any of them, lol...

  19. Probably a similar reaction to what you would have if the Cost Centres decided to hit the road as Chippendales dancers. ;)

  20. I have to confess, I looked up the movie, was it 'Rust and Bone?' The trailer had subtitles so I could understand, but I wonder if I might have had to look for a $20 cup of coffee to stay awake too...

    (Thank-you for your good thoughts for Sam!)

  21. Oh my... I'm laughing and laughing. You can make anything sound so funny!