Thursday, May 3, 2012


Saw this article about London in yesterdays NY Times . Wry travelogue writing. Somehow manages to sum up London just right.


  1. Matt Lauer from the Today show was in London this morning --This article however was much more interesting than Matt's 3 minute tour of Kensington Palace ...

  2. A.A.Gill - one of my favourite writers! Great article.

  3. You can always count on Monsieur Gill to sum things up. I normally find him a bit mean spirited, especially with his restaurant reviews, but the view of London does seem to strike the interesting balance.

  4. gill's article is wonderful!
    i've been an anglophile all my life.
    finally got to go to london in 1997.
    it was everything i'd wanted it to be and more.
    sam johnson said it for me...
    "if a man is tired of london, he is tire of life."
    i hope to return someday.