Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Tour de France.

The Tour de France heading towards Tarn-et-Garonne. As a result no parking places around the square. All the bays filled with cars sporting northern number plates. Angus has to forego his morning coffee at the cafe under the arcades. The newsagent now stocking an exotic array of Dutch,German and British newspapers. There's even a solitary copy of yesterdays Herald Tribune . High summer indeed.

The credit card bills arrive from the American holiday . Angus notes that ' the fonts ' visit to the Nantucket spa is a costly affair. By comparison it makes a round of golf on the island look positively cheap.  Angus does a quick calculation and works out that he could gross nearly half a million bucks a year if he became an expert in Reiki and charged himself out at the same rate. ' The font ' is less convinced . '' Are you assuming there'd be any repeat business ? " .


  1. Was chatting to Alex this week and he was off to watch The Tour de France too - he is now in the Pyrenees at La Serpent for a month farming before flying out of Toulouse, I think Berlin next stop.... :)

  2. Oh I just love the Font and her dry wit...she is the perfect partner for you Angus...keeping you grounded with your grandeur dreams of becoming a Reiki expert.
    Enjoy The Tour de France.

  3. Hmm, I myself am Level 1 Reiki neophyte. I will let you know once I reach the "expert" level if there is any money in it. Somehow I don't think the middle of the Canadian prairies will bring me to millionaire heights. One can dream tho. Perhaps I should move to New England?

    Enjoy your day!

  4. hahahaha. love it!
    those spas will get you everytime.
    you're very relaxed until you see the bill.
    i love dry wit. and the font is a master.
    sad to say though i also laugh at silliness.
    and the world never stops giving on that one.
    i'm so enjoying your pictures of village life.
    tammy j

  5. It's clear that I've been practicing Reiki in the wrong part of the world. Of course, I would have to move to Nantucket - (an old stomping ground of several ancestors) - but I'll take a pass. Lovely, but not for everyone. The 'Font's' quick wit makes me laugh out loud. You're a lucky man M'Ongoose.

  6. LOL... yes...and those Mastercard commercials playing about all the costs of what it takes to make a moment...special???
    Keep remembering the end part about "the memories...priceless"!!! :-) Hoping you have many memories to last you for years to come from the trip Stateside. (sort of helps when paying that bill...) :-p

  7. Still not inspired to break out the lycra shorts Angus?
    Gail (watching as much of the Tour as she can on TV at the moment).

  8. We are watching the broadcast of the Tour as well.
    Lovely views although sometimes feeling a bit Queasy with all of the movement and camera angles.
    Maddening ! No parking spot for you, especially since you are a regular. Will August be worse? Love to all.

  9. I'm so enjoying the Tour too! My favourite biker - Thomas Voeckler - did his thing yesterday. (I've watched and supported him since those early days of being 'Best young rider' and holding the yellow jersey for a number of stages. Now he's "King of the mountains' and Stage 16 winner! What an amazing effort. That guy is incredible. Can't wait to see if he holds onto it today. :)
    Sending lotsaluv to you all

  10. Having been a Reiki practioner for twelve years, I find myself still relying almost entirely, on the accountancy to pay the mortgage. Your computations would be most welcome!
    Lots of love
    Teena and Merlin