Monday, July 16, 2012

Must be summer.

Dry and hot. So hot the trees are bribing the dogs .  Early in the morning  a band of clouds brings a threat of rain . By ten the clouds have gone and the sky is clear. France Profonde left to the sunflowers and the crickets. The German billionaires are back . Brunhilda , their dog , dozing unconcernedly in the shade in front of the chateau gates . The Parisians with the house with the fancy ironwork are also here . It must be summer.


  1. I'm wishing our summer would go on vacation ...

    Enjoy your day!

  2. We have had day after day of rain and temps in the 50s. Lovely homes.

  3. i know everybody says lol. well i really did!
    i've never heard that before. must be an angus special...
    "so hot the trees are bribing the dogs."
    sums up our summer from hell perfectly.
    rain? what is rain? i vaguely remember it from three years ago.
    but life is still good.
    or still lifes are good. i don't know.
    the heat has gotten to me.
    cool cheers,
    tammy j

    1. Tammy J - I always thought it was an old dust bowl phrase .

  4. I never heard the "so hot the trees were bribing the dogs" expression either. But then, we live in the Pacific Northwest and it never gets that hot or dry.

  5. It is so hot here that my roses will not bloom.

  6. We as well are hot and dry. We had a day of on and off rain yesterday, but it had been so dry previously that most of it just dissapated into the air. Today is cool, cloudy and misty, but hey ho, more 100+ temps on the way. Oh joy *said dripping with sarcasm*

  7. Angus, you never let us down with your colorful turn of phrase. Hot and sultry in central New York. The sunflowers should make me happy, but they look too much like the relentless sun, baking us all.

  8. Beautiful homes but I still love the look of your 'Rickety Old Farmhouse' best. Still waiting to hear where I can get the world's best pancakes and I quite agree with your comments regarding Interstate 95 in Maine. I drove several miles of it yesterday while returning home from a quick jaunt up the coast, and I have but one word to describe it...UGH! (Is ugh a word?)

  9. It's so hot, Mitt Romney seems cool. ( Substitute any politico's name) In the land of 44C/112F the most common topic is the extreme heat. But it's a dry heat.........

  10. I've heard that saying before, Angus, and another version of it goes, 'it's so hot, the trees are whistling for dogs.' It's that hot here, that's for sure!

    Our French patients were in today--I had seen your post this morning and mentioned about the sunflowers, and 'Martine' who is from around Toulouse told me about how as a child she played among the sunflowers and that she felt like she was disappearing in a maze of yellow. I don't think you need to be a child to feel that, they are just to beautiful!

  11. The sunflowers are magnificent, - a true icon of summer and a field of them is just overwhelmingly beautiful.

  12. What's the going rate per tree? Is is worth me bouncing over? Will it cover the travel cost? I would be happy to accept any left-overs from the 'font's' kitchen for subsistence. And of course the water bowl will always have to be full...
    Toodle pip!