Thursday, March 8, 2012

Read of the day.

Came across this link in yesterdays Washington Post. It is described as one of the most evocative descriptions of the Empire State Building and its surroundings ever to have been written .

All the more amazing when you see who wrote it. Worth visiting for the beauty of its language alone.


  1. Your old farmhouse is charming....and a great character on Wilf's blog. I just noticed in your profile that you've begun this new one. I look forward to seeing more. I'm off now with a very furry Finney the Sussex Spaniel for his annual haircut, but look forward to reading the Helen Keller piece on my return.

  2. Dear Angus,

    I'm so glad you've set up another blog, my husband and I (and Mitzi) so enjoy reading about your adventures in la belle France Profonde!

    A humble request from a long-time reader: would you consider changing the color theme in the text area? The white-on-black text is painful to read for these middle-aged eyes because the contrast is so stark. Of course, it's the content that counts and why I keep reading, but maybe you would consider this tiny change!

    Greetings from the Purple and Green Magpies and Mitzi the Dog in sunny central California
    (P.S.: Blogger won't let me leave a comment as Purple Magpie from WordPress.)

    1. There was time a few days ago when we thought the Wilf blog was coming to an end . We were , thankfully , wrong . This blog will take over when that day comes . More about travel. The Cost Centres . Life in France . You can be sure the format will become more user friendly when it becomes a stand alone !