Saturday, April 6, 2013

A high security prison and a flight to London.

Our last morning in San Francisco. Time for a quick ferry ride before heading off to the airport. Two choices. A boat to Sausalito and one to Larkspur. We choose Larkspur. This is a mistake. Larkspur is the home of the California Department of Corrections San Quentin Prison . The ferry sails right past the prison exercise yard. The isolated terminal a mile or so from an industrial park. No sooner have we got there than we quickly reboard the ferry under the watchful eye of orange suited inmates and head back to town.

The ten hour British Airways flight to Heathrow punctual and as smooth as a millpond. Not even a hint of turbulence. A chance to watch Lincoln , Argo , a totally incomprehensible film called Cloud Atlas and a feel good movie with Bette Midler and Billy Crystal as inept grandparents. Bette Midler used to be a decidedly risque figure but now she's as wholesome as apple pie. The reverse of a disgraceful old age ?

At the airport a sign for Thai Curry stuffed French Crepes. Probably not a good idea before a long flight.
Another sign forbidding ' shoes with wheels '. Whatever happened to the term roller skates ?

Now there's an hour before our connecting flight to Toulouse. An e-mail from the breeder saying she's looking forward to seeing us.


  1. WELCOME BACK ANGUS!! In the rush of my week, I've not read blogs and am so glad to see posts from you! I so hope your trip was enjoyable (the church was lovely!!) and all was well on your return!

    I had to chuckle on your mention of roller skates--I'm not sure about France, but here many kids, have 'roller shoes' which are tennis shoes with wheels--The kids wearing them can be pretty obnoxious.

    The big day of your new additions is so close, I'm sure you and the font are more than ready! (I wouldn't have wasted my money on the Kong protective collar--But the other collars...)

  2. So glad that you're heading back home, and that your flight has been without incident so far.
    Glad you were able to catch up on your movie viewing while in flight....ten hours is a long time to keep occupied on a plane.
    The breeder is probably all excited for you and the Font as well, like we all are.
    Continued safe travels to you and the Font as you make your way back to the ROF where we are all expecting you and your new proteges with total excitement.

  3. Glad to hear the trip was fun (with the last little tour the exception). Lincoln is our favorite movie so far this year. Simply cannot wait for the new blog and the new pups!

  4. Not long now...
    Welcome back!
    Gail (just home too).

  5. Shoes with wheels are wheelies, and they're a pain in the keister! It's a guarantee that any kid who has them is a complete klutz! *shudder*

    I can't wait to hear about taking Sophie and Bob home!

  6. you'd think the Larkspur ferry would have had a warning sign.

    Saw kids with wheels all over Norway a few years back.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

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  8. Sorry - but me thinks you have a wry, grand sense of comedy. First, Larkspur is not where San Quentin is located. It's a ways east of the city and San Quentin actually has it's own zip code. It is a stand alone facility and prisoners are not allowed off the premises to ride the ferry - they're not allowed off the prison property under normal conditions and if they were, they would definitely be under security armed guards and are never, ever allowed close to the general public. There are however, tours where one can visit parts of the prison should one actually want to do that.

    It's too bad that you didn't get a chance to actually visit Larkspur. It's a great little community and Magnolia Street is a throw-back to the Victoria era. There are lots of good restaurants around and historic places to visit.

    The humour is certainly there, but as a Californian who was raised in the Piedmont/Montclair portion of the Bay Area, I really didn't want people to get the wrong idea about this ---- we can do enough on our own without help, thank you!

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip (photos are great) and I'm enjoying the new blog on the puppies. Good luck - it really is like having a couple of young toddlers around the house. We just got our second English Cocker and Chandler just turned 4 - there is no rest and he gets into a lot of mischief. Former show dog who never had to learn the "house rules" and was not totally housebroken. Have fun - Bob and Sophie are adorable!

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