Monday, September 24, 2012

New age cake.

Autumn arrives. Overnight , the Atlantic coast hit by a huge storm. Here, a hundred miles inland, the power lines sway in the wind but remain standing. One of those mornings when the electricity is on , then off, then on , then ...

A trip to the Sunday market. The ' new age ' family make wonderful old style bread. Loaves as heavy as bricks , sweet with molasses. There's always a gaggle of angelic looking children hanging around testing their chocolate cake. Mothers crouching down asking enthusiastic two year olds '' Was that good ? " ' Yes ! ' '' Shall we buy one ? " ' Yes ! '.

A group of people start to sing . They're led by an enthusiastic lady in white dress and white hat .Angus thinks they might be Jehovahs Witnesses. ' The font ' thinks it more likely they're bored stallholders. Neither of us can answer the question whether Jehovahs Witnesses sing. Neither of us can recognize the song. Profane or divine ?


  1. What a wonderful colourful market. Do they have Jehovahs Witnesses in France?

    1. They have been to the front gate once .

  2. Little boy, last picture, Last Supper - esque. Beautiful.

  3. I don't know if Jehovahs Witnesses sing or not, but I am quite positive that they don't do any kind of dance.

    I would love to try the baked goods from the 'new age' bakers--I have a feeling they probably only use natural and fresh ingredients.

  4. I didn't know you had Jehovah's Witnesses in France... They are certainly enthusiastic!

    I'll take chocolate cake! :)

  5. We had those terrible winds in Alaska and lost power, trees, etc. I lost power for 4 days and had to toss out the contents of refrig and freezer. The winds lasted for days. Very unusual.

    Am checking in from NJ! Glad to be here! Great weather and a nice break before I return to snow country.

  6. As least they can sing? I can barely hold a tune.

  7. Glad to see the squashed/gourds in first photo are not sporting felt eyes.

  8. When my children were little I would keep them in check by threatening to sing a lullabye that night if they didn't start behaving.

    The bread sounds amazing, is there anything better than fresh baked bread and butter. Hope they don't get a call to make 60 extra loaves . . .

  9. What beautiful, colorful pictures of this market. Made me want to be there!


  10. Makes our Farmers' Market look dull.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. I like the fact that the woman in the first picture is trying to blend in with all the vegetables! :)

  12. I would buy the bread.